Roundtable | Are YOU a Good Fit?

What is Roundtable?

A Roundtable is a small group made up of people who are committed to helping each other achieve success. The idea, which was first popularized by Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich has been used by presidents, inventors, and some of the most successful leaders in history.

How Does it Work?

When you apply to join a REPP Roundtable, my team will hand select other Real Estate Photographer Pro members and put you in a group called a Roundtable to which members will commit for 3 months. Your roundtable will meet weekly for a 90 minute video call.

During each call one member will be on the “hot seat” and will share their 3 month goal for their business, issues they are having and their businesses strengths and weaknesses based upon a format we have created. Each member of the Roundtable will then spend time giving them feedback and ideas in a collaborative way. It will be a different members turn on the hot seat each week.

What Does It Cost?

Roundtable is setup to help you put the strategy of Real Estate Photographer Pro to use in your business so you can create the results you are looking for and hit your goals for less than the price of a single shoot per month ($97).

For those of you bullet point lovers like me:

• 3 month commitment

• 8-10 member, intimate groups called Roundtables

• Weekly 90 minute structured calls with your Roundtable

• Exclusive private chat with your Roundtable Group

• Cost is $97 a month for 3 months

+ Weekly Private Video Q&A

In addition to being part of a Roundtable group, you will also get exclusive access to a weekly private video Q&A with my team and I. One of my favorite parts about Roundtable is the opportunity I have to meet to students face-to-face: The Q&A's are personal, unique, and intimate. I can say with full confidence that I wouldn't be where I am now without the relationships I made along the way, so I hope to see you there too.

What Members Have Said!

"Roundtable was worth the investment! It was great getting to meet other business owners to learn their perspectives on various topics of our business. There are many tips I received through the time in our group that more than paid for the investment I made to be a part of the group!"

- Jon J.

"Roundtable has been amazing. The chance to connect with likeminded individuals that are going through similar struggles and successes has really helped enhance my business and thinking!

- David G.

"Amazing experience! It was amazing to talk with folks that are doing exactly what I am doing. Learned a ton and built some great relationships!"

- Donald H.